A Message from Morton

The Board of Trustees of the Morton Memorial Library and Community House are pleased to announce a change of schedule at Morton.  For the convenience of those using Morton’s library collection, beginning May 31 the public library will be open 36 hours per week as follows:

Tuesday10:00 – 6:00
Wednesday10:00 – 6:00
Thursday11:00 – 7:00
Friday10:00 – 6:00
Saturday10:00 – 2:00
Closed Sunday and Monday.

The street level book drop box and all online databases and features are available 24/7. Programs are scheduled both during and apart from public library open hours; please check our online calendar to confirm dates and times.

Note:  The meetings of the Morton Board are held on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m.


Background Burner May 23rd, 2016

If your Photoshop skills are a little weak here’s a great site that will help you isolate an image so it sits on a white background or any background of your choosing.

The image of a cardinal perched on a branch was uploaded to the site. The site does most of the work automatically; simply select one of the ones on the left you think is best or touch up one that is close to perfect.  If you chose to touch up one of the images the next part offers you a selector tool to help delineate foreground from background. In this example you would probably want to eliminate the part beneath the tail and further define the area around the legs.  You can adjust the pointer to smaller or larger pointer sizes depending on which section you are trying to isolate.  There is the image after a few minutes of fussing…click finish when you are satisfied.  You can then download the image as is, touch it up more, or place it on a different background. The site has a few background options available or you can upload one yourself.

Morton Board Meeting Dates

The meetings of the Morton Board are held on the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m.

January 7, 2016, February 4, 2016, March 3, 2016, April 7, 2016, May 5, 2016, June 2, 2016, July 7, 2016, August 4, 2016, September 1, 2016, October 6, 2016, November 3, 2016, December 1, 2016.

eBooks for Kids!

The library has expanded services with a new digital collection website experience just for kids. The main MHLS Digital Download Collection now has a separate site to provide a safe and easy browsing experience for kids.

Libraries recognize the need to provide a safe environment for kids to browse library materials. Just as the children’s section of the physical library has its own place, the same experience is now available in the digital collection for kids eBooks and audiobooks. Browsing can be done by subject, reading level or interest level. Check out the Kid’s eReading Room.