Category: General Land Restoration for Climate Resilience with Winnakee

September 21, 2023

Forests are vital in combating climate change—and we’ve only just begun to unlock their potential.

Winnakee is working to change this.

Forest loss and degradation is the 2nd largest contributor to climate change after fossil fuels according to the EPA. Restoring the natural regenerative cycles of forests can as much as double their ability to absorb CO2. These natural storage solutions slow climate change far more effectively than any human technology.

In this webinar we will spend some time discussing Winnakee’s stewardship model to help Hudson Valley forests regenerate naturally – so that young saplings can survive against current threats of deer, disease, insects, and invasives.  Then we will offer solutions to help landowners improve the ecosystem function of your lands to make them more resilient to the damaging effects of climate change and support biodiversity.

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