Tuesday’s Tip

Universal Class                April 14, 2020

One of the latest additions to database offerings in the Mid-Hudson Library System is Universal Class. It’s an offering of over 500 classes, some with certificates of completion available or continuing education Units (CEUs). Check out the full catalog here:
Best of all, is that there are several courses that are helpful for both personal and professional development and growth during this unprecedented period of home confinement while we fight the COVID-19 pandemic!
For parents trying to keep their young students academically engaged, and prevent ‘back-sliding’ in educational development, there is a unit in Universal Class that includes classes for school-aged learners.

On a personal level, you might find wisdom and practical techniques in topics like:

Anxiety Therapy 101; Stress Management; Relaxation 101; How to Improve Your Concentration

For professional skill development, some topics that might serve as useful refreshers for both public service and business workers include:

Customer Service 101; Effective Communication; Telephone Skills; Listening Skills; Goal Setting 101, etc.

All classes are broken into units of video instruction followed by simple multiple-choice question quizzes to test learning outcomes. This format is helpful for taking single units and returning over several days or study sessions.

Check it out! There are so many topics, there is bound to be something to pique your interest. Visit our Website to find access to Universal Class and other Mid- Hudson Library System Databases!