A Message from Morton COVID-19 Edition

At this time we will be remaining closed through at least April 20th, with all programs postponed through April 30th.

Never fear: We miss you! We miss being at the library and getting your items, answering your questions, or letting you know about another amazing program that we have just scheduled. But, even more than missing you, we are hoping that you are doing well, and we all want you to know how much we are thinking of you and anticipating when we can all be together again.

Please, please let us know if there is anything that we can be doing to help you. We are checking the phones daily and electronically all day long, so feel free to contact us. Let us know if there is some amazing online tool that we should be sharing, or just something funny to give us a laugh or a smile.
I assume that we are not the only ones doing lots of spring cleaning and so have spoken with Record Storage Solutions. When it is safe to congregate, we will be having a shredding party at the library. Perhaps we will also have a community yard sale… ‘another person’s treasure.’

We are working to put some new online ideas in place and will be giving more information as we muddle along. Please keep in touch via our social media sites: Instagram and Facebook. We will also be posting on our website and at the Rhinecliff Post Office.
Again, let us know if there is anything that we can be doing for you to help out or if you can think of anything that we can do together to make this experience as positive as possible.

Contact us either electronically: sandy[at]mortonrhinecliff.org
or by phone: 845-876-2903.
Thank you, stay safe, and take care of each other.