Tuesday’s Tip

Searching through The Library of Congress         March 10, 2020

Are you a history buff? Do you like to explore your family tree? Are you doing a research paper for school? Or maybe you’re just looking for cool historic images to use to make a project pop. Consider visiting the Library of Congress’s website where you can search through their Digital Collections of millions of items! Everything from books and documents, to maps and photographs.

They have hundreds of cool images you can use for free in their Free to Use and Reuse Collection. These are images that have no known copyright restrictions and/or are in the public domain and you can use for FREE!

Can’t get down to Washington D.C. to see their latest exhibit? Not a problem. They have several interesting Online Exhibits worth exploring. For a quick dose of history and some fascinating stories about our Nation’s history, take a break from work and check out their latest exhibit on the life and activism of Rosa Parks.