Tuesday’s Tip

America Recycles!        November 19, 2019

In case you missed it, National “America Recycles Day” was last Friday, November 15th.
It is important to make recycling an everyday habit, though, as there are only finite supplies of certain physical materials to manufacture with. Efficient and non-wasteful practices help ensure adequate supplies for the future. This is the concept of ‘sustainability’. We also need to consider that we have finite space to hold our discarded items until they decompose.

The “Recycling Locator” helps make it easier to dispose of appropriate -non-trash- materials in a responsible way. All items should be clean before being brought to recycling centers. Contaminated recycling ruins the entire effort! Well-meaning efforts can defeat the purpose. See what NOT to recycle here.

(Markets change, so check to make sure materials are still accepted!)

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