Tuesday’s Tip

Hot enough for you?                        Beat the Heat! July 16, 2019

Phew! It’s another heat wave in the Hudson Valley!
Here are a few resources to help you stay safe during the period of excessive heat, and also some suggestions we can follow to help reverse the problems of a warming earth.

FEMA has some tip sheets online:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have some tips too, for recognizing and treating heat-related illness:

The EPA has created an “Excessive Heat Events Guidebook”

Here are some tips from the National Weather Service

This 20 page booklet from CDC explains a bit about why heat is a public health issue, and its connection to the warming of earth.

Any reduction in use of fossil fuels can have a positive impact on lowering the heat, thereby making us all safer and healthier. Everyone can make a difference in dialing back this serious public health threat. Pondering these impacts should give us all good reasons to make changes in our own behaviors.  Making some of these changes (or all of them) can only help in the fight to mitigate worsening conditions from a warming planet.