Opposing Viewpoints In Context              December 4, 2018

Opposing Viewpoints In Context from NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) is an online resource covering the day’s hottest social issues. The database contains over 21,000 pro/con viewpoints, academic articles, multimedia, opinion essays and primary sources about contemporary controversies and hot topics. A patron can access this database from his/her library website. Authentication is required to use the database.

Enter your own search term.  Search an Alphabetical list of topics. Or choose from popular topics arranged by category.

Each topic page has a portal page:

The guided video tutorials demonstrate how to use Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

  •   Basic Navigation (2:49)
  •   Gale Support 10 Short Video Tutorials includes Classroom Integration, Topic Pages, Narrowing

    Your Research Topic, When You Need a Research Topic, Bookmarking, Citation, Downloading and Sending to Google Drive and OneDrive, Google Classroom Integration, Highlights and Notes, and Topic Finder.

  •   NOVEL: Refresh on Opposing Viewpoints in Context (56:57) – recorded webinar

    Opposing Viewpoints In Context is the first place to go when students are researching a controversial or a debated social issue. In addition, content from the database can be retrieved with a Catalog Plus Article Search in library OPAC.