Earth Day 2018—“End Plastic Pollution” April 17, 2018

As some of the signs at the People’s Climate March of 2014 read , “There is no PLANet B!”
We have but this one earth to sustain all living things, including us human beings.
April 22nd is Earth Day, a time to reflect annually on the beauty—and the fragility– of our natural world. There is
a theme this year: “END PLASTIC POLLUTION”.
Recent reporting on the North Atlantic and Pacific Garbage Patches, gigantic gyres containing plastic waste
swirling in our oceans, has increased awareness of one aspect of this problem, and raised concerns about
degrading plastic bits getting into our food supply through seafood consumption—not to mention the threat to the sea life itself and the natural food web!
Prevention seems more easily attainable than removal at this stage, though many are working on that difficult task.
The good news is that WE can help stem the tide of plastic pollution!
Here are a few links to more resources to use and share as we try to solve this problem together, each of us taking
responsibility for our own actions that both help and hinder efforts to clean up our act. For newcomers, you can
even start small— and be a part of the solution!!
Two very simple things that make a BIG difference:
 Use a reusable drinking bottle rather than those plastic disposables as often as you can.
 Bring a reusable shopping bag when you shop, and skip the plastic bags that can end a life.

Below are additional resources with more details for those who feel more ambitious.
You get the drift… Please consider using less plastic!
If you use plastic, recycle it responsibly.
We need to keep our planet healthy—if WE want to be healthy.
Be part of the solution.