Citizen Science February 13, 2018

If you’re a science geek, like me, you are always looking at the natural and human-made worlds with curiosity and interest in how our existence is inter-related—that is, how changes in one of our worlds impacts the other.
For all our attempts to surround ourselves with technology and nonliving materials we are, in the end, all animals within the environment.
Philosophy aside, many scientists are looking for citizen volunteers to help provide them with carefully and consistently collected data to broaden our observational horizons and further understanding. Here are a few local programs in the Hudson Valley that are looking for help:
Riverkeeper needs help monitoringHudson Rivertributaries,.
Mohonk Preserve is studying birdspecies, climatetracking,streamwatching, andPhenology—-i.e.
studying the seasonal progression of life-phases in flora and fauna in specific areas and fine detail. Scenic Hudson has mapped out specific habitats for intense seasonal observation. This is part of a New York State, and larger national, phenology project, and has a specific mobile APP for data reporting.
Some programs are very ‘hands-on’ –like invasive species pulls coordinated by PRISM of the Lower Hudson—
(Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management)
THIS WEEK (Feb. 16-19) is the International Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC)!!! Do you like watching the
bird feeder out the living room window? Why not keep track of your visitors and contribute to a citizen science
project tracking winter bird populations and distribution?! Thousands around the globe participate in this crowdsourced
datagathering every year! Why not you? … and when that’s done, you can continue reporting your bird sightings using eBird!