Christmas Trees – before and after the holiday December 12, 2017

If you haven’t picked up a tree for the holiday yet—and want the experience of cutting your own, here’s an article from the Poughkeepsie Journal that should help you find a tree farm in our Mid-Hudson area!

As Yuletide ebbs, many will soon have an unwanted Christmas tree about the house, and there are some ways to dispose of them responsibly and in a way that will give a new purpose to them after holiday celebrations are over. This is a more sustainable alternative to throwing them in the trash. Check with your municipal government office, or solid waste management company/ Resource Recovery Agency, about curbside pick-up — or landfill drop-off – as these are often only offered for a limited time! Your tree might become mulch for the Town playground or park! If your Town doesn’t offer this service, you can encourage them to start!

https://earth911.com is a place to get many recycling tips, and find resources to help us all do our part to clean up the planet.

Celebrate mindfully and with gratitude! Peace on Earth -and goodwill to all!!