Thank you to all who made “Morton Framed” a success!

The recent fundraiser “Morton Framed” was a big success! Thanks to all who attended, made donations, and participated in the Mystery of Levi P. Morton performances and the live auction of the beautiful frames!

Many thanks to these individuals for your work on “Morton Framed” –

Morton Board of Trustees: Development Committee Molly O’Gorman (Chair), Vicki Haak, Nicole Lawson (and Jon), Duane Ragucci (and Al), Elaine Tate – and Members Patricia Curthoys, Avery Gilbert, Jan Greenberg, Richard Kopyscianski, Steve Sansola

Performers: Joe Baer, Mark Burns, Guillermo Fesser, Jack Kelly, Tess Link

Auctioneer: Mark Burns

Artists: Susan Fowler-Gallagher, Grace Gunning, Betsy Jacaruso, Jeep Johnson, Chad Kleitsch, Ramon Lascano, Josette Lee, Ruby Palmer, Deborah Schell Macaluso, Joseph Maresca, Richard W. Prouse, Michele Stopford, Danny Shanahan, Todd Young

Sponsors: Friends of the Morton Library, Vicki L. Haak, CFP, H.H. Hill Realty Services, Hundred Mile Home Décor, KOSCO, Mainetti, Mainetti, & O’Connor, P.C., Old Mill Wines & Spirits, Law Offices of Warren S. Replansky, Samuel’s Sweet Shop, Tate Construction, LLC, Anonymous in memory of Joseph H. Meyer

Graphic Designer: Joy Taylor

Gift Book Donor: Brent Sverdloff

Musicians: Scot Moore, Stanley Moore

Student Volunteers: Otis Brammer, Julia Fesser, Victoria Grubiak, Casey Shulkind, John Vaccaro

Beverage Tender: Jane Hollenberg

Employees: Sandy Bartlett, Joanne A. Meyer